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Orlando Communities

Orlando Communities in one map

There are a huge range of communities available to pick from in the Orlando area. We would argue of course that Tuscan Ridge is the nicest one to pick, but to give visitors to our site a more informative picture here is a handy list of all of the communities in the Disney area north and around the I4.

Short term rentals are not permitted in areas East and North of Disney, which is why there is a concentration of short term rental communities (known as the Four Corners) south of the US highway 192 and east of the US highway 27. More information can be found on CU-in-Orlando's external page.

We have omitted the communitites further out from Disney because the travel time becomes more restrictive. All of these listed communities are within 15 minutes' drive to the main Disney entrance. Within this distance the best way to choose a villa is to pick what suits you best - not what is closest to Disney. Remember that you are in the villa a lot of the time so it is vital you pick a community like Tuscan Ridge so you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and excellent surroundings.

Orlando community map

Pick a community name on the bottom of the screen under the map to see where that community is located.