Is Tuscan Ridge too far from Disney? No!

Is Tuscan Ridge too far out from Disney?

Definitely not!

On a map it looks like it will take longer to get to the Florida theme parks than an area such as Kissimmee, but in reality it’s so well connected to the I-4 that you can get to the gates in under 15 minutes. The problem with Kissimee and travelling on the 192 (from east or west) is the lights, and traffic. Hit every red light and you’ll be wishing you were on the Interstate. Hit every red light for the fourth day in a row on the 192 and you’ll wish you weren’t on holiday at all! It’s so much more relaxing to whizz down the 27, over to the I4, then up to Disney. Traffic flows well, it’s a more consistent drive, and only one or two lights to contend with on your way to the Interstate. You can stop off at the nice Championsgate shopping area and Publix to stock up on essentials too.

So in short, Tuscan Ridge is a great place to stay and close to drive to Disney, Golf, Seaworld and Universal Studios.

Much better to get a quiet and perfect villa like Dave’s Florida Villa than be 3 minutes closer to Disney in a compromised villa. Book now!

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