Orlando is not just for children

Orlando tourist board to target adults without children


The Orlando skyline

Visit Orlando (Orlando’s tourist board) is to launch a campaign in October to promote Orlando as a place for adults without children to choose as their next holiday destination.

For many years, Orlando has been seen as a haven for children to enjoy Disney, Universal, Legoland and its numerous other attractions, with Mum, Dad and Grandparents going along for the ride.

However this is not the case.  Orlando offers an exciting nightlife, has many places to visit, to wine and dine, and further afield there are national parks to enjoy and stunning beaches to relax on.  Not to mention the huge amounts of theme parks that aren’t just for kids!

For outdoor activities and spot, Orlando offers world class Golf courses, fishing, hot air balloon rides, watersports, swimming with Manatees, scuba diving and snorkelling, and loads of other outdoor activities.

We’ve visited Orlando without children before, and had a great time in Disney, Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove.  The restaurants and generous American portions go a long way to help, too.  We’ve gone further afield to visit the Florida Keys and Everglades, and the Gulf coast is supposed to be stunning.

So don’t wait for little people to turn up on the scene, visit our villa now before it’s too late and you’re worrying about whether the pool child safety screen is up!