Package Hotel Holiday vs Private Villa Rental

Is a Villa better than a package hotel holiday?

This is a question we have been asked many times and it’s even gone through our own minds before, but you only have to think about the luxury of your own private pool and not having to get fully dressed and join a hustling queue for breakfast (at 8:00 am!) to see why a private villa in Florida is a much more appealing way to spend the holiday of a lifetime with your family!

Spa Jacuzzi and Pool

Would your hotel be this private?

With flights shooting up in price over the school holidays, we have just done our own search on package deals compared to booking everything separately.

OK, we admit we did find one or two hotel packages that were cheaper than booking our villa for a family of 4, but the packages we found meant that your family would be spending 13 nights of their 2 week stay cooped up in a single 900sqft bedroom!

Factor in the costs of eating meals out compared to one or two self-catered meals in a villa, and already the villa is winning hands down.

How about a beer? Pop to the mini-bar and it’ll cost you 5 times more than if you stock up the fridge in a villa.  Forget about the cocktails!

How about a beer as soon as you want it?  Compare the thought of queuing up at the hotel bar with walking to your own kitchen and just getting one whenever you fancy.  Take it to the poolside if you want.  We don’t care, but a hotel would throw the rule book at you.

Just to prove we’re not obsessed with alcohol, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that our spacious 4 bedroom villa would offer loads more space for your money.  More than enough space for all the family to rattle around in, Mum and Dad can have their own King room with en-suite and his-and-hers sinks, and the children can be safely tucked away on the other side of the house.  Or Mum and Dad can have the Queen room next to the children if they want to be nearby.

Early morning trips to put pool towels on the hotel sun loungers?  No need!  Just step out onto your shaded lanai area next to your own private south facing pool to enjoy a drink together whilst the sun sets.

Villa and Pool by night

The sun has set, but who cares?

Forget about just 4 people sharing a hotel room – most Florida holidays are spent with your extended family and friends so you can all have fun together. With a much bigger group you won’t have to be parted into separate hotel rooms if you have a villa – and the cost of renting our accommodation can work out to be as little as £6 per person per night!

We’re biased of course, but we speak from the experience of staying at a lot of American hotels before buying our villa in Tuscan Ridge.  A quick recap of the benefits of our villa over a package hotel holiday:

  • One 900 sqft hotel room to share vs. a spacious 2000 sqft house
  • Shared hotel pool vs. private pool and jacuzzi
  • Coin operated arcade machines vs. your own private games room
  • Busy hotel queues vs. a quiet and relaxing Tuscan Ridge neighbourhood
  • Restaurant times vs. pick your own time to eat
  • Fight for a lounger vs. not a care in the world


You decide!