New Disney World Fantasyland – Now Open

Beauty and the Beast Fans – get excited! You can now dine in the BE OUR GUEST RESTAURANT inside the Beast’s Castle!

Now open in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom park Orlando. Through the Enchanted Forest, you can venture round the magical world of Beauty and the Beast, with lush landscapes, roaring waterfalls and royal castles along the way.

By day, you can enjoy a short break from the park activities with light snacks. By night, it becomes a traditional table-service restaurant.

We for one can’t wait to go back in the Spring and meet Belle and the Beast!


Happy New Year from our Florida Villa

As new year draws in, and Christmas fades away for another three hundred and odd days, it’s time to look forward to the year ahead. Promoting Dave’s Florida Villa and spreading the word will become an obsession, as will having fun and advising our guests on the tips and tricks surrounding a stay in Disney World.

Our villa is sure to test our skills, ideal for golf and people visiting Disney alike, not to mention families that enjoy the Florida sun and are sick of bad weather in the UK and far north of America and Canada.

Well, if you are reading this then Donna and I wish you all the best with your new year and hope you remember Dave’s Florida Villa when you or your friends next want a vacation or trip to Florida.

Villa details added yesterday

I had a bit of spare time yesterday, waiting for the Turkey to get fat and so on.  So I decided to raid the inspiration banks and fill out the Barbera Drive page on the main website to get our Tuscan Ridge villa well and truly on the map.

We’ve added details of the Tuscan Ridge community, the location close to Disney and golf, the features of the house and the key selling points.  Let’s face it, it’s a crowded market and you’ve got to have most of the “must have” features to get bookings in place.

Our villa has the key element – a south facing oversized pool and spa.  Heated, of course.  You can wake up in the mornings in the master suite, draw back the blinds and have the sun beaming onto the large lanai area to greet you.  Grab a cold orange juice from the fridge and slide the master suite’s doors back, and you are instantly waking up in style in Florida!  I feel more relaxed already.

For those staying in the queen end suite, it’s not that bad either.  Walk through your own shower and en-suite room (closed off from the rest of the villa) and open the door onto the pool area.  Straight out into the sun!

If the sun is too hot, why not stay put in the main family room, or kick back in the 2nd living room?  Both have ample space, and a dining area each.  Plenty of books to read if you get bored (really?!) and lots of guides to the area.  You will be well and truly spoilt during your stay.

Disney, Golf and Shopping Communities

There are a daunting number of communities to visit and investigate if you are new to the real estate market. Where to look? And why? Everyone has their own preference and reasons, but here’s why we went for Tuscan Ridge.

  • Close to Disney – a map may convince you otherwise, but anyone who travels up and down (left and right?) the US192 knows that after a few days the relentless red lights take their toll. In fact, it takes quite a while if you’re unlucky to navigate your way from Highway 27 to the main Disney entrance or from Kissimmee. A more consistent and less stop-start way in to Disney is to take the I4, which is a fast 65mph straight to the various entrances. This is one reason we picked Tuscan Ridge – it’s less than 15 minutes to Disney, almost every time.  We’ve done it in 10 minutes with lucky lights!
  • Championsgate – an upmarket retail area and fantastic golf course is only 5 minutes away. A refreshing break from the neon lights of the 192.  Publix is located here.
  • Posner Park retail area – loads of shops only 5 minutes away. Dollar Tree, JC Penney, Michaels, Super Target, Belk, Payless Shoes, Pet Smart, a Million Books, Best buys, Staples, and Ross.  Plus lots of places to eat like Subway.
  • The I4.  A strange attraction, but the proximity of Tuscan Ridge means you can be driving on the Interstate in less than 10 minutes.  This opens up trips to Busch Gardens, the west coast beaches, and getting north to Universal Studios and Seaworld completely avoids the traffic lights.  The wonderful town of Celebration is also just off the I4.
  • Location – after a busy day at the theme parks, malls, or playing golf, the Tuscan Ridge community is not in a busy area with any traffic noise, and the location of Dave’s Florida Villa is right at the edge of the community opposite a small forest of Pine trees.  The villa is in a perfect place to unwind and enjoy the pool and spa with a glass of wine or cold beer, or a cheeky Ribena from the fridge if you are feeling non alcoholic.
  • Community – Tuscan Ridge is a great neighbourhood with friendly people and neighbours.  There are plenty of residents who live there permanently to ensure it’s a populated area and low in crime.  It’s not gated, but low HOA fees means we can spend the extra cash on making sure the property is immaculately maintained.  The community is relatively new (2004) and build by a great builder – and therefore all the houses are well made and of superb quality to allow renters to really feel at home and relaxed.