Florida bans texting while driving – just about

Texting fine is a measly $30

News is out that Florida has finally tried to toughen up on mobile phone use whilst in cars.  Florida is attempting to catch up on countries and other states that are far more advanced in their laws.  But it is failing.

You can’t be stopped if you’re texting.  It has to be in conjunction with another crime.  You couldn’t make this up.

The fine?  $30.  Administration would cost more.  If you do it twice?  $60.  Ooooooo.

Apparently it’s the 41st state to do so.  I can’t believe it’s legal in some states!  Get with the 21st century please.

Hopefully anyone visiting Florida doesn’t text whilst driving anyway, but just so you know – better keep $30 handy…..

Florida bans texting while driving?  Not really.