Florida toll charges

How much does a toll road cost in Florida?

Florida toll charges are one of our frequently asked questions for vacationers traveling from Orlando International Airport to Disney and our Florida Villa.  There are a couple of routes you can take on the toll roads.  The first is the 528 (Martin Andersen Beachline Expressway) which leads from the north side of Orlando Airport to the I4.  The cost of this (correct as of 2014) is $1.00 for cash and $0.78 if you have a SunPass.

Alternatively you can head south from the airport and opt for the 417 Central Florida Greeneway which leads west and joins the I4 further south than the 518.  We would choose this route to avoid the majority of the I4.  This route’s Florida toll charge is $1.00 cash and $0.78 for a SunPass member.

florida disney tolls

Florida Disney toll costs

To confirm your Florida toll charges at today’s current rate you can use the Florida Online Toll Calculator.

SunPass – save on Florida Toll Charges

If you are travelling further afield from Orlando International and plan to use the tolls on your hire car, then you can purchase a vacation SunPass or arrange the transponder in your rental car to automatically bill you the standard SunPass rate.  Rental companies normally charge a flat fee per day for your transponder to be used.  The savings are close compared to paying cash, for example if you use the toll roads from Orlando to Miami the current rate is $17.95 cash and you can save $3.85 using SunPass.  Avis charge $3.95 per day up to a maximum of $16.75 a month, so you won’t save money unless you do a lot of miles on the tolls.  It does, however, let you use the fast lanes on the freeway toll roads which is more convenient.  If you travel from Orlando down to Key West and back then your Florida toll charges would be approximately $44.  The Key West road is free to use (Interstate 1).

In summary, for getting from Orlando Airport to Disney or our villa, we recommend using the 417 toll road at the cost of only $1.00.  The last three times we have visited we have landed in rush hour and didn’t use the toll roads when all we wanted to do was just get to our villa and jump in the pool and spa!