Will Florida Hurricanes spoil my holiday in Orlando? Unlikely!

June to November is officially Florida Hurricanes Season, but would this impact your holiday at all?

In short, the vast majority of people are not affected. Good news. Chances are very slim that your holiday will be spoilt.

Disney Land is over 1 hour from any coast – hurricanes tend to lose power when they hit land. Most Florida hurricanes hit coastal areas the hardest.

Walt Disney World theme parks have only ever closed for short periods in 1999 and 2004. They also have a policy for when their parks close, same as Busch Gardens.

If you are worried, buy insurance for peace of mind, specifically for Florida hurricanes cancellation. You can visit the national hurricane center website too, for predictions.

Hurricane Insurance link

We’ve been to Florida several times, and had no disruption at all. Indeed most holidays could be affected by bad weather.

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