Seaworld news – April 2013

Seaworld trainer legal case continues

Since Dawn Brancheau was tragically killed by the Orca Tilikum in February 2010 there has been an ongoing legal battle with Seaworld involving the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It is indicated that Seaworld want their trainers to remain in close proximity during training and in certain Shamu show sections. The OSHA say this is a safety hazard.

Seaworld do not allow their trainers close to Tilikum for obvious reasons.

Tilikum and Orcas at Seaworld

Negotiations are nearing a close although it has taken a long time to get there. Whether the trainers will be near the Seaworld Orcas in the future remains to be seen. Although if they are banned from being close to the Orcas then what will be left of the show?

Seaworld and the car jacking sea lion

Well, it’s not really a car jacking, but a stranded Sea Lion hopped (do they hop?) into Mike Delahunt’s car on Wednesday this week after he left the door open whilst attempting to help the animal. He called Seaworld to come and rescue the Sea Lion, who arrived around 20 minutes later.

The rescue team have quoted:

“The team is optimistic, based on her initial intake exam, that this sea lion will make a full recovery.”

This is rescue number 296 for Seaworld California. 278 of those have been Sea Lions. Seems like they enjoy getting themselves into trouble, or maybe they just want a free Seaworld lunch.

sea lion

A sea lion!

Blackstone prepare Seaworld initial public offering

According to Bloomberg Blackstone are moving ahead with the initial public offering (IPO) of Seaworld Entertainment (SEAS) and as early as this month – insider information apparently. In an IPO the company markets the sale of shares to potential investors, and offer stock to the public in order to generate funds for the business.

They hope to raise about $500 million in the IPO process. Revenue currently stands at $1.42 billion for Seaworld.

Dine with Shamu – SeaWorld Orlando

If we had know this was open, we would have booked for our last trip! Absolutely fascinated with the Orca/killer whale species and this would have been an amazing experience!

‘You can now get closer than ever before to the majestic killer whales at SeaWorld Orlando while enjoying a delicious meal while sat at your poolside table!’

Dine with Shamu is a unique and amazing behind-the-scenes experience only at SeaWorld Orlando!

Seaworld Discovery Cove

A few years ago my wife and I visited Florida and decided to treat ourselves to a day at Discovery Cove, including a swimming with dolphins experience. Discovery Cove is a fantastic sanctuary of a place – offering limited availability to stop overcrowding, and opportunities to swim with all sorts of fish included with the day’s entrance fee.

You can buy all sorts of tickets – swimming with dolphins, training dolphins, or neither. The tickets also include entry to Aquatica and Seaworld for 14 days, and if you pay a bit extra it also includes Busch Gardens.

Food is included for the day, as is animal friendly suncream and drinks. Also included are snorkels and goggles – even prescription ones!

We had a brilliant day at Discovery Cove – relaxing, no stress, and some brilliant and fascinating fish to swim with. One of our best days in Florida.