Public transport from Tuscan Ridge, Davenport

Our private Tuscan Ridge Villa is located on the US highway 27 about 5 miles north of the I-4 junction, but can you jump on public transport to enable you travel without a car?

In order to travel by public transport from Tuscan Ridge it would be necessary to find the nearest bus stop and most likely take a taxi there. The Davenport area is not particularly pedestrian friendly and often the sidewalks simply end abruptly and you’re forced into another route to walk.

However, there are a number of bus routes you can take advantage of if you do want to use public transport.

On the US-27 there is a 427 main bus route that runs north-south from Haines City all the way up past the 192. Unfortunately there aren’t many stops on the route so the nearest bus stop to Tuscan Ridge is near Posner Park.

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To get to Disney, take the 427 up to the 192 and then another bus East on the 192 that travels up into the Disney Parks. We can’t comment on timings as we personally haven’t tried this route ourselves, preferring to drive to the attractions as opposed to lugging our bits and bobs around on public transport. However public transport is certainly a viable option.