Get away from the freezing cold with a trip to our Florida Villa rental

Cold? It’s not just the residents of the North of North America that want to escape the freezing temperatures and head south into the warmth of Orlando. Here in the UK it’s been snowing for several days now, and I’m not looking forward to a week of commuting into London and fighting the delayed trains and cold weather.  Much better to be sunning yourself in Florida at out villa, relaxing with the pool heating on and spending the day in the spa / jacuzzi.

The chaos continues over the UK. Drivers don’t use snow tyres so roads become blocked, trains can’t cope, and everyone seems to rush out to panic buy milk and bread.  This happens whenever it snows.  Still, it’s been a nice weekend lazing at home and going out for the occasional walk in the snow with our son, despite the cold.

As an aside, we’re about to buy some new linen and freshen up the villa for 2013.  Fingers crossed that out potential renters will be impressed with the accommodation!

Current weather forecast for Davenport / Kissimmee?  75F or 23C and bright sunshine on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  Jealous?  Tempted? Cold?


Rowan and Dave in the freezing UK weather

Will I need pool heating in my Florida Villa?

Will we need pool heating when we book your Orlando villa?

Clearly there are variations of the temperature in Orlando Florida from year to year, so this is only a guide. We will do our best to give you an idea as to whether you should opt for pool heating for your golf or disney villa experience.

In summary, to guarantee a nice pool you would want to have pool heating from November through to March. October and April are a conservative “yes” if you want to be safe rather than sorry.

Even our south facing pool will be too cold to enjoy during the winter months, so pool heating is a must.

In the summer months most people don’t want or need any pool heat. The pool will always feel cool at first but it is normally fine after a minute or two.

heated pool

heated pool

You must be aware that even though the pool heaters are effective they will only heat to a certain amount above the air temperature. So in unusually cold weather the pool may still be cooler than normal. We are sorry that in these circumstances a refund of the pool heating fee is not possible because the heater is still working and using electricity.

You can assist the pool heating by using a pool blanket, and should always use it at night because the pool will be warmer much quicker on the following morning.

Our spa uses the same heat as the pool, so do not expect a dramatic difference between the pool and spa.

In short, this isn’t an exact science but we hope it gives you a good idea of what to expect in Orlando. A pool is a fantastic asset to any holiday home and you will love our particular one – with large deck and lanai.