2015 Florida Vacations open for booking!

2015 bookings now open

Orlando beckons!

Exclusive offer to our Facebook fans and previous contact enquiries

With our 2014 bookings filling up, we’ve decided to offer the 2015 calendar exclusively to our Facebook fans and previous contacts for the next 3 weeks.  This gives our most important customers the ability to book long stays in 2015 before anyone else gets in on the game.

A large proportion of our bookings are for 3 weeks or more, so we realise that to secure these sort of durations we’ve got to offer them out before the short stays get booked up.  Obviously this works out well for us as well, but hopefully it will be beneficial to both our customers and Dave’s Florida Villa.

If you know anyone who might be wanting to book a month in 2015, why not let them know about this blog entry?  They may even invite you along!

Dave’s Florida Villa offer a great discount scheme for stays of over 2 weeks, plus pool heat is also discounted at over 10%.  A great reason to send us an email and ask about 2015 Florida vacations.